iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural

iDrink Cafe Mural in Bintulu Sarawak

Large iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural inside warehouse cafe

Theme       : Vibrant and Young
Method     : Wall Paint on Interior wall
Client        : iDrink Bintulu Sarawak
Purpose    : Fill-up Giant Warehouse Wall with Art
Date          : 2019

A 15 meter wide, 7 meter high warehouse wall in Bintulu. The iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural design features a colourful, retro, comic book style to bring colour and life to the space. This warehouse is meant to be the largest iDrink Sarawak branch.

Check out our Youtube vlog on this iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural:

The mural’s original digital sketch features a retro car parked on a beach with people chilling on the car with a cup in hand each. Their faces are covered by things you could do at the large iDrink cafe space such as enjoy yourself, listen to music, read a book or work on you computer. The Chinese text “吾饮良品” is iDrink’s tagline, also a play on Muji’s tagline (same pronunciation with different words and meaning – something that can commonly happen in the Chinese Language).

Digital sketch of iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural

The design was later changed to 4 males and 1 female representing the shareholders of iDrink Sarawak.


close up image of iDrink Bintulu Sarawak Mural

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