Kuching Main Bazaar Mural in Hotel

Hello! Here’s something from home. Main Bazaar is the oldest street at the heart of old Kuching City. This wall painting is done in a sketch style on a wall approximately 10 meters long in The Waterfront Hotel’s Executive Lounge, Kuching. The environment in the video is a little messy as the place was still under renovation when I was taking this time-lapse.

WH02 Mural Long

Painting this piece was like an endurance race – it was hot and dusty (it was also the haziest period in 2015 if you guys can remember) but I wanted to get it done. I went over after office hours and on weekends for a whole month just to complete it before the Eden installation (Do check it out in my videos, it’s an art piece made of 1000+ recycled plastic bottles) and in time for the hotel’s opening.

Wanna specially thank all my Clients for giving me opportunities to carry out such big fun projects, and my friends for hanging around me when I’m at them incase I go insane. Till the next one! Take care! <3

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Here are some process pictures for ya:

wh02 01

The start is always the toughest. On a blank wall, at the first stroke, these questions always pop into my head, “what are you doing again, Daphne?”, “this is not gonna be easy!”, “omg omg whyyyy do you keep doing this to yourself?”

wh02 03

Half way through, you know it’s too late to go back, you also know this is gonna be fucking awesome when it’s done.

wh02 04

And so I go on  wh02 05

and on

wh02 02

This is a very detailed piece. swt.

wh02 06

Nearing the end, I got bored, and wrote “Matt” on the cap of the guy in the paint shop billboard. And wrote “daph did this” on the lower signage. A little to small to see here, but look for it if you ever have a chance to see this wall! Take a picture and tag me! #artsydaphy

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