Large 3D Animal Mural Sarawak at Animal Kingdom

Large 3D Animal Mural Sarawak at Animal Kingdom, Kuching, Samarahan.

Large 3D Animal Mural Sarawak at Animal Kingdo featuring cute realistic pet paintings
Artsy Daphy painting large 3D Animal mural in Sarawak

Theme      : 3D Realistic Animals
Method     : Wall Paint on Exterior Wall
Client        : Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd
Purpose    : Landmark Store at Kuching – Samarahan
Date          : 2018

This piece is located at the new shoplots a little further down from the shoplots opposite UNIMAS. It’s facing the road, so look right once you passed UNIMAS. This Large 3D Animal Mural Sarawak shows a three storey piece that took about a month to complete not including design phase: 10 days mural painting, 1 day window sticker installation, 2 day signboard painting + installation


The Client was looking to have realistic-3D ish animals on the storefront. The challenge was that there were 4 giant windows in the middle of the wall. We decided to integrate the windows into the design by making it part of the whole “story”.

The middle to the bottom section:

The cats are hanging out on top of a salt water aquarium (window) while a beagle is looking up at them. Window stickers are used to bring the piece together. A fish, underwater life as well as a cat’s shadow is placed on the windows to give the aquarium depth.

The top part:

The upper half of the mural is a distorted shape of the store front showing Animal Kingdom’s signage and upper floor windows. The triangles on the top makes the store “pop” out from the block of shoplots. In the upper floor windows, two cat shadows can be seen preparing to pounce on a bird.



Each animal was searched from Google and Pinterest. I looked for certain poses that fit the action. They had to be cute, lively and colourful. Each kitten is a different colour. The beagle is chosen because it has a more warm and vibrant pattern and interesting shape. The animals and items in the picture had to show what is supplied by the pet store such as, salt water fish tank setup, animal food, and pet toys. The entire piece was cut and put together in Photoshop and coloured accordingly before putting it up on the wall.

I will probably make a full video on the conceptual design process and preparation works for this piece in the next YouTube video. SUBSCRIBE!!




Artsy Daphy posing with Large 3D Animal Kittens Mural Sarawak

This is one of my largest murals – full colour murals to date with additional elements such as sticker installation, PVC & MDF Board cutting and painting. I really thank the owner and staff of The Animal Kingdom Sdn Bhd for the opportunity to paint this piece for their new expansion plan. I am also really grateful to meet great contractors and suppliers along the way that have been very helpful in prompt replies, giving advise and getting hands on, some even without expecting anything in return. Glad that I also have a trusty sidekick, Kim who doesn’t mind going on these adventures with me. Here’s to more in the future!

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