Malaysia Wings Mural Art

Theme      : Wings and Malaysia’s iconic things
Method     : Wall paint on wall
Client        : The Hills Shopping Mall
Purpose    : Showcase the pride of Malaysia
Date          : 2018


The Client was inspired by Kelsey Montague Art – What Lifts You Campaign, which led to the designing of this mural is inside the rebranded The Hills Shopping Mall, where we did another Leaf Art Mural. The difference is that our wings contain multiple elements from Sarawak  and various states of Malaysia. It was fun to hide all these items in hopes people who see it will feel connected to Malaysia and discover new things about our beloved country. It also poses as a conversation starter and something to let people point at, think about, and take pictures with!

Malaysia Wings Mural Design Elements

Overall – The wings are shaped after a Hornbill’s wings with a few fun modern patterns. If you look carefully, you will see the outline of the map of West Malaysia on the left wing and East Malaysia on the right wing.

Inside the large wings, you will find the unique elements of each state such as the our national flower, batik art, Petronas Twin Towers, turtles, pua kumbu, Sarawak Tree of Life patterns, Kumang, Niah Caves and so much more! There are more Sarawak elements in this Malaysia Wings Mural as well, we are in Kuching, Sarawak. You can see the cat statue, DBKU building, Dewan Undangan Negeri and more!

Inside the little wings, you can find cute elements such as a Kitten in a Sarawak traditional boat (sampan), #teddyndaphy ‘s Teddy, a little Hornbill, Unicorn and Orang Utan! Do let me know if you noticed anything I might have missed out. Do tag us on Instagram and Facebook if you visit and take pictures with the wings! Would love to see your creative poses with the wings!

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