Nas Daily Singapore Office Build Something Mural

Theme      : Meaningful, Simple
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : Nas Daily Pte Ltd
Purpose    : Showing diversity and action
Date          : 2019


We had the most insane opportunity to paint in the office of the one and only NAS DAILY! Best known for his one thousand one minute videos, he now has about 13million followers on Facebook!
It was fun and easy designing the 2 murals in the office because he has clear visions on what he wants.

We came up with this meaningful mural of diverse hands pointing at the words “BuildSomething.” The hands were inspired by women’s empowerment art we found on Pinterest.

What’s fun is that one of the hands is a reference to my good friend Janani’s hand, and one is Nas’s own hand, which I’m sure he hasn’t realised yet. Guess which is it guys! HEHE.

Stay tuned for the other mural we did at his office! In the meantime, check out another tech office mural here: WEBDOO STUDIO MURAL

Check out more Artwork in our Art Playlist on Youtube HERE.

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