Ono Poke Bowl Restaurant Wave Mural Art

Hello hello 2019! The last few months of 2018 was insane! Wrapped up a bunch of murals so here is one of them! October we helped out with Ono Poke‘s wall. The Ono Poke Restaurant Mural Art shows a tropical design that is colourful and lively to bring out the restaurant’s core business.

Below shows the initial design. It features the a poke bowl with ingredients served. The mural is colourful and lively bringing out the vibrant food in a poke bowl. It also shows tropical plants as poke bowls originated from Hawaii.

The design was adjusted several times to see how it could fit the wall and the Client’s budget.

However, after the mezzanine floor was constructed, the feeling was completely different from the beginning before renovations. With the extra floor, we felt we should just pull the mural across the store to fill up the blank walls and give it some flow.

After a bunch of sketches, we managed to shape the waves into this fluid shape. Instead of the frame and tropical plants, we changed the mural to feature a giant wave washing up a poke bowl. The flow of the wave brings life and movement to the mural. Ingredients in the bowl can be seen to spill out of the bowl.

And on we went to paint the mural. There’s a time-lapse video that I may or may not put together on our Youtube channel (depending whether I took enough footage). For now, it was really fun trying a more vibrant coloured mural. Hope you enjoy these pictures, and stay tune to more art experimentation here on ArtsyDaphy.com!

Have you tried Ono Poke Restaurant?

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