Chinese Woman Oriental Tea Kuching Mural 茶颜观色壁画

Theme       : Colourful 3D Animation Style
Method     : Wall Paint on Interior wall
Client        : Oriental Tea Kuching
Purpose    : Feature wall for Chinese Tea Cafe
Date          : 2019

This feature wall painting shows serene romantic blues that originated from the Cafe’s branding poster. We redesigned the composition and colours of the brand’s original artwork to fit into the space and to bring out a cozy ambience.

A drink we recommend here is the mango, fresh milk and cheese drink! We enjoyed chewing on the fresh mango bits inside it. Let us know what drinks you tried here! And tag #artsydaphy on Instagram if you do drop by! Check out the Youtube video of the process of painting this mural! Remember to subscribe!

Also see another Chinese Tea cafe we painted in Bintulu here: iDrink Bintulu Mural

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