Pandelela Rinong on Feast and Furious Cafe Mural

Yesterday, the latest addition onto Feast and Furious Cafe’s “wall of fame” was up! She was none other than Pandalela Rinong, our Sarawakian Olympic medalist!

AD Pande 2 AD Pande 3 AD Pande 4

Our brains were fried by the heat but that totally kept our adrenaline going!

AD Pande 5

By the end of the day, it was completed! 🙂 Notice the little Pikachu on the Vespa? Alex decided it’ll be cute to catchup on the Pokemon craze with that sticker (I didn’t paint it).  It sure worked because someone sent me this just now (photo by: Wong Zheng Qin) LOL:


Did you guys know that you can access a Pokemon Gym from that location as well? Kimberley, my assistant managed to help me conquer the gym for a brief few seconds:

daphne pokemon gym

Anyway, hope you enjoy it! Check out the mad storm clouds behind us that came not long after completing the piece!

AD Pande 6

Much thanks to Alex Stmrock Wong and congratulations to Pandelela! Pleasure to be in a photo with all of you. 😀

AD Pande 7 AD Pande 8

Till next time, hope you enjoyed the piece. Stay tuned for a short vlog of the day we painted Pandalela that I’ll post here in a few days or on my blog  or ArtsyDaphy’s Facebook.

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