Sarawak Buildings Painting on Canvas

Theme       : Kuching Painting
Method     : Acrylic Paint on Canvas 1.2m x1.5m
Client        : Private
Purpose    : Collection
Date          : 2019

Here’s the finished piece up-close.

This was probably Day 1. Long way to the end. The base is always really weird looking.

Painting is all about layering. You put layer and layer on top of each other till you finally decide it is good enough. So as the saying goes, “a piece is only finished when the artist stops” or abandoned.. or something like that. lol.

The mess on my table

My painting space


On the stand

WRAPPED and delivered!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! I have a time-lapse of this which I will update once it’s ready. Stay tuned for more! Follow @artsydaphy on Instagram and Facebook!