Sarawak Club Badger Bar Wall Art Painting

Sarawak Club Badger Mural

Sarawak Club Badger Bar Mural Painitng

Theme      : Realistic Animal
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : Sarawak Club
Purpose    : Decorate Badger Bar Entrance
Date          : 2019

We’re proud to paint in the historical Sarawak Club here in Kuching. The Badger Bar underwent a renovation together with the rest of the club. We were to paint the original badger which gave the bar it’s name.

Here’s the early part of the painting:

That’s me painting the fonts:

Views of the completed painting with the bar’s new interior:

The badger mural is completed at the classy renovation of the Badger Bar Sarawak Club

View of the Badger Bar Entrance Badger Mural at the Sarawak Club

Close-up of the badger and fonts:

Here’s me and the cute fluffy badger for size comparison:

Artsy Daphy posing with the Badger Bar Sarawak Club Mural

I really enjoy painting realistic animals. Reminds me of the Animal Kingdom 3-storey giant mural where there were tons of kittens, dogs, domestic pets and toy that were drawn on the three storey building near Samarahan. Animals are just so cute and uplifting to paint, I don’t know why. Why the Badger though? Apparently the badger originated from a small painting of a badger that used to hang at the entrance of the Badger Bar, Sarawak Club decided to keep the badger and paint it in a large version as a mural in the new renovation.

And more art Youtube videos here:

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