General Hospital Wall Art at Sarawak GH

sarawak general hospital rtu wall art by Artsy Daphy

Here is Sarawak General Hospital’s Radiotherapy and Oncology Unit (SGH’s RTU) Kuching’s Wall Art.

Theme       : Colourful, peaceful, uplifting
Method     : Wall Paint on Exterior Wall
Client        : Sarawak General Hospital’s Radiotherapy and Oncology Unit
Purpose    : Uplifting art for patients
Date          : January 2020

The mural is a fun, vibrant, colourful mural that features Sarawakian elements in a modern style with Pua Kumbu patterns, the Tree of Life pattern and traditional basket weaving looks. We added plants and a terrazzo patterned planter box as well because we’ve been obsessed with these calming beautiful trends lately. Oh, there’s also a sleeping cat because Kuching = kucing = cat. In this video above, we take you through the entire design process of this wall art for the general hospital, from Procreate on iPad to painting on the wall, and a bit of background on why we volunteered to do it. You can see the some design process changes in my Procreate sketch with all the erasing and testing of patterns in the video.

The images below show the wall art sketch and the empty wall at the general hospital before we painted.

People standing outside of the general hospital’s RTU waiting area while we carry out our wall art painting works. There were many people at the unit, it is a very busy section as it is the only full cancer treatment centre in Sarawak.

A bit of background on how this wall art piece came about

The doctors of the Radiotherapy and Oncology Unit wanted to lift the spirits of their patients because it is quite a sad place to be both physically and mentally (as people here are getting checked/ treated for cancer). They wanted to self-sponsor this project.

Because my late mother was once treated here, I felt that it would only be appropriate if I volunteered for this. With the help of my trusty, hardworking Artsy Daphy team and the materials sponsored by the doctors, we made this piece happen.

We are glad that there were patients and family members that came up to tell us that our art work made them feel a bit better.

Painting the wall art at Sarawak General Hospital RTU

This is us and an ice cream snack from the doctors 😀 They kept feeding us!

Here are more finished pictures:

sarawak general hospital rtu wall art by Artsy Daphy

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