Sarawak Traditional Costume & Pua Kumbu Mural

Theme      : Single Colour
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : The Black Jam, Saradise
Purpose    : Showcase Traditional Iban Costume
Date          : 2019
Reference: ColoringIsHip (aunt of the woman in the picture)

The original painting was a red watercolour piece. We tried to stick to the style as much as possible. Hence, we watered down the wall paint a little and painted layer by layer just like how we would paint with watercolour, only, this is on the wall. The faded pua kumbu in the background is to extend the image to blend it into the wall.

Absolutely love translating Sarawak Traditional / Cultural elements into my slightly modern-styled art pieces, especially for murals. Our home state, Sarawak has a beautiful warm culture with vibrant art. Hoping to share more of our Sarawak Traditional art with the rest of the world through more of our murals, postcards, and hopefully more merchandise in the future. In the meantime, here is the other time we translated a Pua Kumbu into a Mural: Tune Hotel Mural and the other time we painted: an Iban male & child in their Traditional Costume.

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