Secret Recipe Satok Mural

Recently came up with something for Secret Recipe Satok’s makeover! It was initially proposed as a black and white painting (again, I know) with a wooden frame. But the day I went to visit the site before painting, I saw the beautiful concrete texture on the wall and just told the contractors to just stop right there!

The wooden frame is designed in a shape of a keyhole. So it’s like we’re peeping into a keyhole and looking at the secrets of Secret Recipe… geddit, geddit? Also, if you noticed, the left of the keyhole is shaped as an “S” and the right side is an “R”.

Hope you enjoyed the video. Special thanks to Alvin and Stanley for the opportunity to help in this cafe’s makeover. Also happy to have worked with Thomas of Borneo Carpentry for the woodwork frame (I highly recommend them! They’re one of those rare contractors who are interested in building weird artsy stuff!)

Stay tuned for more! 😀 Enjoy the pictures! Some of them are taken by Alvin Lau of Secret Recipe Satok.