Selamat Hari Raya – Watercolour Food

This year I was inspired to do a watercolour painting for Hari Raya. And the first thing I thought of was food. So here it is! Took me a couple of days to complete amidst our busy schedule but it was a ton of fun!Here are the name of these festive foods if you’re not from Malaysia:
  1. Colourful jellies
  2. Kuih Puteri Ayu (the donut looking green ones)
  3. Kek Lapis (the colourful red, yellow and green one)
  4. Ketupat (far right. It’s basically sticky rice)
  5. Kuih Ketayap (the green rolls below the words)
  6. Onde-onde (the furry green ball. Pronounced on-day) or kuih buah melaka
  7. Lemang (sushi looking rice wrapped in leaf)
  8. Dodol (brown pyramids)
  9. Satay with some rice and cucumbers

Selamat Hari Raya!!! Wishing all my Muslim peeps countless blessing, love, peace and, prosperity!

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