Sodu Hidden Bar Oriental Mural

Sodu Hidden Bar Mysterious Oriental Mural

Carpenter Street Kuching painted in a unique red-based style

Theme       : Oriental Mural
Method     : Wall paint on interior wall
Client        : Sodu Hidden Bar Kuching
Date          : 2019

Sodu is new hipster hidden bar in Brighton Square, Kuching which has this beautiful red-based style painting. It features the iconic Carpenter Street in an eerie glow sketch style.

This oriental mural is painted on a full red wall of the hidden bar. Because of it’s beautiful red painted base, we wanted to preserve the accent of the wall. Hence, we came up with this design that layers different colours on to the red, which preserves the bright red mysterious oriental theme. The Client chose Carpenter Street for this mural as it is the iconic part of the “Capital” (“Sodu” translates in to “Capital” – Kuching is the capital of Sarawak). The Chinese lady staring at the painting adds on a mysterious, elegant feeling. She wears a cheongsam to fit with the oriental theme, in blue colour to stand out of the red.

Enjoy premium cocktails at this unique bar in Kuching, Sarawak. Tag us in your pictures if you do drop by! In the meantime, have you been to Linum 19? Check out another bar’s mural we did here: Linum 19 Mural.

Enjoy the pictures below! From digital painting to actual wall. See more about the interiors of Sodu Bar renovated by Alto Builders here: Sodu Bar Renovation by Alto Builders.

Mural of a Chinese woman looking at a painting of Carpenter Street Kuching

Girl posing with a mural of an oriental woman looking at Carpenter Street painting inside a hidden bar

Red themed oriental interior design of a hidden bar in Kuching with an eerie mural

Eerie mural of woman looking at Carpenter Street painting inside a hidden bar

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