STA 10 Floor Meranti Root Mural Art

In November 2018, we collaborated with Alto Builders and painted a mural in Sarawak Timber Association’s 10th Floor Office. This was a Design & Paint Mural Art job.  The painting features a Meranti tree root that is a popular tropical tree in our forests. We added abstract leaves around the painting as interpretations of different kinds of tropical leaves found in Sarawak’s forests. The colours chosen are more towards an earthy pleasant tone to compliment the office space.

The reason for the simple shapes and colours is as to not overwhelm the space with a complicated realistic drawing. We wanted it to look modern, and let the colours and simple shapes to do more of the talking. Personally, I enjoy modern colours that are a little muted for interior walls of more “serious” spaces. I’ve also been studying complementary colours, trying to improve our artwork by applying some of these colour theories. So far, I’ve enjoyed how it has turned out. Hope to see even more improvement in our future designs!

Check out the renovation Alto Builders Sdn Bhd did to the rest of the office! You can see some green cupboards on the back that represents STA’s involvement with the forest.

Here’s a progress picture of the painting. That’s Ginny, our intern over the end of the year. This was her first mural. Hope she picked up some art tips along the way :p.

And this was the wall before the painting:

Do let us know what you think of this piece! Murals in offices can be used to represent the a company’s role in it’s specific industry. Art work can be customised to give character and meaning. These paintings not only decorate the space , they also liven up the atmosphere. Contact us for a quote today! Email us at



This wall art was also made into a postcard. Will be up in the shop soon. It’s currently in The Museum Cafe and Indah Cafe Kuching. We added a Hornbill onto the art piece to give it more of a Sarawakian context. Coming soon to our SHOP.

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