Hills Kuching Mall Leaves Mural

Hills Kuching Mall Leaves Mural

Artsy Daphy painting Kuching mall leaves mural

green leaves mural

Theme      : Leaves
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : The Hills Shopping Mall
Purpose    : Backdrop for cafe wall
Date          : 2018

We designed and painted a mural art consisting of tropical leaves on two walls of the newly renovated Hills Shopping Mall Food Gallery Kuching. Leave murals are minimal elegant solutions to a calming area for work, study or hang outs in this Kuching Mall. The leaves took quite some time to paint because to paint realistic looking work, there needs to be layers and layers of paint. Different shades of green were used to make the leaves look more interesting.

The Hills Shopping Mall Food Gallery is a cozy place in the city centre of Kuching to enjoy food and beverages while also get work done. If you guys do drop by, comment below on your favourite food, and your favourite corner! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook too if you take a picture there!

Check out the other leaf wall HERE.

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