The Sarawak Steamship Signage Repainting

We’re proud to have the privilege of repainting the really old signage of The Sarawak Steamship Company in the middle of Kuching City. Took us about 4 days. Here’s the video:

Here’s a bit of history (copied from the internet &

In 1875, The Sarawak Steamship Company was formed to solve the shipping problem in Sarawak. In 1919, it started the first travel agency in Sarawak. Previously the offices and warehouse of the Sarawak Steamship Company, the Sarawak Steamship Building on Kuching Waterfront was built in 1930.


Special thanks to: Borneo Carpentry for advise and equipment and Aerial Y Photography for the drone shots. Enjoy these exclusive images!

This is Jane, she brings me my lift!

Got to use a sanding machine!

The signage was made of Belian wood. Check out the amazing brown after sanding.

Love the bright blue we picked based on the original signage’s colours we found on Google.

My manyzer at work

Half way.

Grateful! Here’s to more amazing projects coming soon!