Colourful Tuition Centre Mural in Abstract Style at Gala City

Colourful Tuition Centre Mural at Pusat Tuisyen Abadi.

Theme      : Modern, Simple & Colourful
Method     : Wall Paint on Wall
Client        : Abadi Education Group
Purpose    : Enhance the space to become a conducive learning environment
Date          : 2019

We painted 4 walls at this tuition centre.

First Mural

This is the digital sketch of the first mural at the main waiting area of the tuition centre featuring the colourful abstract style. This is the pictures from digital sketch to actual wall.

Digital abstract painting of a colourful tuition centre mural

a ccolourful abstract mural in the waiting area of abadi tuition centre

Second Mural

Here is another floating abstract mural of books with the quote,”Reading is a window to the world” near the pantry area of the tuition centre. The client had 2 spare window frames, so we placed it into the mural.

books floating in a colourful digital drawing of a colourful mural for a tuition centre

giant abstract books mural with the quote "reading is a window to the world"


Third Mural

Finally, the stair area. Below is the conceptual and the actual stairs mural, also colourful to give the tuition centre an exciting entranceway.

wall art for a staircase mural towards a tuition centre

Fourth Mural

Just some hallway patterns for this mural to make the space more fun. Loving the simple squiggly lined colours, it would make any office or learning space more interesting and exciting.


Here are more pictures of people interacting with the mural 😀

parents posing at the colourful abstract mural art at the waiting area of abadi tuition centre

Mural painting at the office of the Abadi Tuition Group headquarters seen through glass windows


We absolutely love the vibrant free-style painting here at Abadi Education Group. This is a fun, quick, simple, colourful solution for large fun spaces.

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