WooPin Kuala Lumpur Murals

WooPin Kuala Lumpur Murals at the Fish Head Noodles Kamunting Branch

WooPin Kamunting Kuala Lumpur Murals shows a man holding fish head noodles for an octopus

Murals in WooPin Kuala Lumpur here is inspired by the Interior Decorator’s travels to South America where he took pictures of some cool artwork in a menu in a restaurant.

Totally in love with the colour scheme. Paint used here is Murobond – it really gives a pleasant earthy-vintage vibe.

Outdoor wall art is part of WooPin Kamunting Kuala Lumpur Murals

Kuching Mural Artists in Kuala Lumpur.

This plump mer-lady was intentional. The original piece was a pretty slim mermaid, but our designer thought we should just be cool and switch it up a bit lol.

The sexy merman’s image was inspired by a picture he got off Instagram. As you can see in the video, we adjusted the whole body and everything last minute just to fit context. Luckily we managed to finish in the time frame! So yeah, you got to see how mistakes can be fixed.

Hope you enjoyed WooPin Kuala Lumpur Murals at the fish head noodles store’s Kamunting branch. Do tag us on Faebook and Instagram if you do stop by and take pictures!

Stay tuned for KL & SG vlogs coming up in the next weeks!

One of WooPin Kamunting Kuala Lumpur Murals on the exterior wall with owners Alan Yun, Wayne and Team Artsy Daphy

Alan Yun, us and Wayne.

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