Yunique Bear Cafe Mural Wall Painting

Yunique Bear Cafe Mural.

yunique black and white bear mural on cafe brick wall painting

Theme       : Black and White Mural
Method     : Wall paint on interior brick wall
Client        : Yunique Emporium, Kuching
Date          : 2019

Yunique Bear for the cafe mural design was  provided by Client.

Artsy Daphy posing with Yunique black bear mural at the cafe's Emporium Kuching branch.

Painted the iconic black and white Bear at Yunique Emporium,Kuching! Here’s me and the size of the bear above.

The bear painting was at the Yunique cafe was done on a white brick wall with very uneven surface. Even so, it looked great because of the depth in texture. At the time of painting this bear, we were running between the two milk tea cafe hotspots in Kuching: Saradise and Emporium, painting murals at Yunique and Oriental tea at the same time while prepping our West Malaysia projects. It was a challenging yet exciting time. We are so happy at how all the cafes turned out.

And below is the chic milk tea cafe after opening. I tried the mango cheese milk tea, and it’s YUM. Have you been there? Leave a comment if you have! Tag us if you took picture with the Yunique bear mural at the cafe on Instagram and Facebook @artsydaphy! Also share with us your favourite drink!

Here’s another milk tea cafe we painted at: Oriental Tea Cafe

Do look up our YouTube Playlist here: Artwork by Artsy Daphy

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